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French hand-made stonework, finest local stones.

amreduc-015My hand-made stonework and designs are dedicated to satisfying an international clientele who demand high-quality, authentic work that is also distinctively French.


amreduc-021Years of practicing the art of manual stone-cutting gives rise to my original line of high-grade products that will decorate gardens and interiors in an elegant and vibrant way.


fontaine1finieI guarantee my customers the finest local stones. Some will fit in a rustic setting like a pale blond limestone. A strong and tough creamy or grey stone will suggest a sense of massive and timeless elegance. The exceptional brightness of a white limestone or Italian marble will complement antique and contemporary landscapes.

amreduc-025Please contact me by mail, I will be glad to answer your requests promptly, wherever you are.




Text : In association with Amy Correia

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Alexandre Marque


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tél : 06 22 86 41 15

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